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Progressive Tribology Mapping of Flooring

The traffic of human movement, movement of furniture, and other daily activities imposes constant degradation onto flooring. Flooring, usually comprised of wood, ceramic, or stone, must be able to handle the wear and tear they are designed for, whether residential or commercial applications. For this reason, most flooring have a layer that is supposed to be resistant to wear called a wear layer. The thickness and durability of the wear layer will depend on the type of flooring and the amount of foot traffic it will be receiving. Since flooring can have multiple layers (e.g. UV-coating, wear layer, decorative layer, glaze, and etc.), the wear rate through each layer can be very different. With Nanovea T2000 Tribometer with a 3D Non-Contact Line Sensor attachment, the progression of wear on a stone and wood flooring is closely observed.

Progressive Tribology Mapping of Flooring



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