Wood Wear Testing

Wood Wear Testing Using Tribometer

In this study, we simulated and compared the wear testing behaviors of three types of wood to showcase the capacity of Nanovea Tribometer in evaluating the tribological properties of wood in a controlled and monitored manner.

Wood Wear Testing Using Tribometer

Wood Hardness Measurement

Wood Hardness & Elastic Modulus Using Microindentation

In this application, the Nanovea Mechanical Tester, in microindentation mode is used to compare the mechanical properties of three different types of wood. We would like to showcase the capacity of Nanovea Mechanical Tester in performing hardness and Young’s modulus on wood samples with high precision and reproducibility.

Wood Hardness & Elastic Modulus using Microindentation

Surface Finish Inspection of Wood

Surface Finish Inspection of Wood Using 3D Profilometry

In this study, the Nanovea ST500 Profilometer, equipped with a line sensor and integrated optical microscope,  is used for surface finish inspection of wood samples, namely Cherry and Walnut. We showcases the capacity of Nanovea non-contact profilometer in providing fast and precise 3D finish measurement and comprehensive in-depth analysis for comparative review.

Surface Finish Inspection of Wood Using 3D Profilometry

Here are examples of materials we tested this month:


• Nanoindentation & scratch of thin silicon carbide coatings
• Nano scratch resistance of polymer coatings
• Microindentation & scratch of DLC coatings
• Macro scratch of of gold coatings

3D Non-Contact Profilometry:

• Roughness of food packaging plastic
• LED phosphor coating surface topography measurement
• Volume loss of dental samples
• Depth of micro etching


• Wear rate of thin hard coatings
• Wear rate and friction of interior paint samples

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