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Micro Photonics unveils new lower priced modular chromatic confocal optical pens.

Irvine CA, March 24, 2006 – Micro Photonics Inc. today introduced the latest line of chromatic confocal optical pens for profilometry, microtopography, roughness, auto-focus vibrometery, in-line inspection quality control, and thickness measurements. The new modular design allows up to 30 different optical pen configurations for specific depth of field, spot size, working distance, object slope and photometric efficiency. Users can choose from a selection of five magnifiers, ranging from 3.3mm to 29mm focal lengths, and six different chromatic lenses, 130µm to 27mm depth of fields. Pens can achieve maximum axial resolution of 5nm, accuracy to 20nm and max slope to 87º for diffusive objects. Based on white light chromatic aberration, the pens have superior lateral resolution (1.1µm) and vertical resolution (5nm); which make them a better choice than laser triangulation sensors for applications where high resolution measurements are critical, as sometimes found in vibrometry, in-line inspection and quality control applications. For challenging materials such as, textiles, polymers, black or dark blue materials, high aspect ratio surfaces, and materials of low reflectivity, white light chromatic aberration is often the only appropriate technique. Micro Photonics believes new competitive pricing will attract clients who previously considered white light chromatic aberration too expensive. “Clients have known of this technique, and its benefits for OEM applications, but because of the price it was passed on in favor of cheaper laser sensors. The new prices are 40% lower on average, which will make a difference.” said Pierre Leroux, General Manager, Surface Test Division. Acquisition speed to 30,000Hz meets specific vibrometry, in-line and off-line quality control requirements. The system can be used as a stand alone unit or connected to a computer using various software packages. Integrated solutions such as the Micromeasure Profiler and Micromeasure Dual Scanner are also available for complete 3D surface imaging. This technology is available from Micro Photonics Inc. Micro Photonics has been a leading provider of materials technology instruments and laboratory testing since 1992. The company specializes in: Nano and Micro Mechanical Testing, X-Ray Micro Tomography, Ellipsometery, X-Ray Diffraction, 3D Non-Contact Profilometry, Thin Film Analysis, Biological Imaging Instruments and NSOM, SPM & AFM systems.