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This month Nanovea is proud to highlight the endless possible configurations of the Mechanical Tester. Seen above, is a custom glass bottle-on-bottle sample holder for precise load controlled bottle friction test using the Macro Module.

Elastic-Plastic Response of Polymer Coating

In this application, we designed a new testing setup to simulate the repetitive impact on the protective
polymer coating and investigated its elastic-plastic response as a function of time using the Nanovea
Mechanical Tester in Microindentation mode.

Elastic-Plastic Response of Polymer Coating Under Repetitive Impact

Static Coefficient of Friction Measurement Using Tribometer

In this study, we would like to showcase the capacity of Nanovea Tribometer for measuring the static coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction of an aluminum block against Glass and Teflon samples was measured and analyzed as examples.

Static Coefficient of Friction Measurement Using Tribometer

Contour Measurement of Rubber Tread Using 3D Profilometry

In this application the Nanovea ST400 Profilometer is used to measure the surface and treads of a rubber tire. The surface area measured was selected at random, and was large enough that it could be extrapolated to make assumptions about a much larger surface. Contour dimensions, depth, surface roughness, and developed area will be used here to quantify the rubber’s characteristics.

Contour Measurement of Rubber Tread Using 3D Profilometry

Here are examples of materials we tested this month:

• Nanoindentation of dma of soft polymer
• Nanoscratch of fused dielectric films
• Nanowear of polymer coatings
• Microindentation of gas nitride steel
• Microscratch of sapphire coatings

3D Non-Contact Profilometry:

• Roughness of machined parts
• Finish of hard dog food biscuits
• Flatness of micro squares
• Profile of biomedical pouch seals
• Dimensions of machined parts


• Wear testing of sapphire coating
• Wear testing of frangible bullets
• Friction testing of hard dog biscuits

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