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Flatness Measurement of Screen Using Fast 3D Profilometry

Flatness measurement is an important geometric surface quality in the manufacture of precision parts and assemblies. Flatness of the surface plays a vital role in the end use of the product. For example, the parts that are connected in an air-tight or liquid-tight manner across a surface area require stringent surface conditions of superior flatness at the contact face. Flatness of the screen is critical to the functionality and aesthetics of electronic devices such as cellphones, pads and laptops. Any imperfection of the screen flatness can create negative user impression and experience of the product.

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Microindentation Mapping on Glass

Microindentation mapping has proven to be a critical tool for surface mechanics related studies. Fracture has typically been evaluated by measuring the dimension of the cracks of the indent, and the use of acoustic emission during testing has been an overlooked and valuable tool. Microindentation with the measurement of Acoustic Emissions (AE) provides a reliable and user-friendly method to track the fracture behavior and intensity during loading and unloading process.

Microindentation Mapping on Glass