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Block-On-Ring Module

Block-on-Ring Test is a widely used technique that evaluates the
sliding wear behaviors of materials in many different
simulated conditions.

How does it work?

A Block-On-Ring test allows a reliable ranking of material couples for
specific tribological applications.

A block is pressed down on a rotating ring.

Extreme Versatility


• ASTM G77

• ASTM G137

* Instrument parameter limits may differ
from those specified within the standard.


Properties Analyzed

• Friction Coefficient

• Wear Rates

• Failure Points

• Lubrication Studies

• Friction vs Speed

• Friction vs Load (T2000)




• Depth

• Acoustic Emission



Rotating Lower Sample

• Ring (34.98mm outer diameter) – material can vary

• Rotating speed capability up to 5,000 rpm



Fixed Upper Sample

• Steel Block (15.75×10.16×6.35mm)
(Diamond, WC, Rubber and many other materials)

• 3, 6, 10 and 25mm ball

• Custom ball sizes

• Custom Pins

• Flat Plate

• Custom geometries



Environmental Conditions

• Liquid Cup and Liquid Heating up to 150 °C

• Lubrication Drop by Drop

• Humidity Control

• Cooling Chamber -40 °C

• Various Gases

• Vacuum (Custom)

• Cryogenic Adapter (Custom)

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