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Corrosion Profilometry Is Application Of The Year

With the Nace Corrosion Conference only weeks away Nanovea highlights pitting corrosion measurement as its most popular profilometry application of 2014. The Nanovea Profilometer has quickly become the choice in the corrosion community for its accurate and reliable measurement. Primary area of interest include pitting depth, volume, area and density. Learn more in this months app note below.

Hardness Distribution of Hardened Metal Using Nanoindentation

In this application, the Nanovea Mechanical Tester in nanoindentation mode is used to measure the
hardness distribution of the hardened surface on the cross section of a surface hardened metal.

Hardness Distribution of Hardened Metal Using Nanoindentation

Hard Metal Wear Evaluation Using Tribometer

In this study, we simulated and compared the reciprocating wear behaviors of saw blades to
showcase the capacity of Nanovea Tribometer in measuring the coefficient of friction and wear
rate of surface hardened metals in a controlled and monitored manner.

Hard Metal Wear Evaluation Using Tribometer

Corrosion Surface Analysis Using 3D Profilometry

In this application the Nanovea PS50 Profilometer is used to analyze the surface morphology of the
samples after service in corrosive environment. Surface roughness, materials loss and pits on the
sample surface are measured to provide more insight in the corrosion mechanism.

Corrosion Surface AnalysisUsing 3D Profilometry

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Here are examples of materials we tested this month:


• Nanoindentation, scratch & wear of silicon coatings
• Nanoindentation of dental guards
• Nanoindetation puncture of thin polymer
• Microindentation yield strength of carbon steel
• Microscratch at elevated temp of hard coatings

3D Non-Contact Profilometry:

• Roughness of micro parts
• Texture consistency of fabric
• Dimensions of microl lenses
• Coplanarity of pin grid array
• Step height of nano coating
• Depth of metal pitting


• Wear testing of ptfe
• Wear testing of dlc
• Friction testing lubrication samples