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Top Semiconductor Mfg Chooses Nanovea Profilometer Over Many

Irvine CA, March 5, 2009 – Nanovea announced today that it will ship a top Semiconductor Mfg its first HS1000 Profilometer. The HS1000 delivery adds yet another highlight to Nanovea’s impressive Optical Profiler history and offers customers a more advanced measurement speed option for high throughput demands. The HS1000 Profilometer is equipped with an unmatched combination of measurement speed, automation and nanometer resolution.Until the Nanovea HS1000 Profilometer, full automation and the unique advantages of white-light axial chromatism technique were features rarely found in a single high scanning speed instrument; a feature the Client requested and only Nanovea could deliver. Traditional high speed instruments would typically sacrifice one feature for another, speed or resolution, which limited the users overall measurement capability. The HS1000 Profilometer stage speed can reach 1m/s, up to 50 times faster than most optical profilers in its class. The HS1000 Profilometer is equipped with a 31KHz white-light axial chromatism sensor and XY measurement area of 400mm x 600mm, which at maximum stage speed can measure 1 point every 32µm and traverse the full 400mm in less than 1 sec. (higher resolution can be obtained with proportionally slower stage speeds). In addition, the HS1000 Profilometer has a machine vision camera option that allows auto-recognition on precisely chosen surface features with little to no user interaction. The user-friendly software and the optional machine vision camera allows for an automatic scan of the surface to recognize all features of interest. These features can then be automatically measured or the user can select from a list from which to measure. The combination of superior overall features makes the HS1000 Profilometer unquestionably the instrument of choice for high throughput demands found in Semiconductor, Solar and Pharmaceutical industries. “It goes without saying the importance of gaining this client’s choice. I’m proud of our team’s ability to deliver with such an important opportunity,” Said Craig Leising, Product Manager, Nanovea.