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In-line Inspection Game Changer

Using in-line inspection (POINT or LINE SENSORS) Nanovea’s unique in-line software package can measure and analyze “live” roughness and texture parameters meeting standards for up to 8 points sensors or up to 4 line sensors. The software has many features including pass and fail criteria specific to each sensor or average of all sensors. Acquisition rates of more than 1,300,000 points per seconds. This is ideal for any film/paper sheet measurements and other in-line applications. Nanovea provides integration support including specific mounting structure.

Coating Inspection of TIN by Scratch Testing

Coating inspection of residual stress in protective PVD/CVD coatings plays a critical role in the performance and mechanical integrity of the coated component. The residual stress derives from several major sources, including growth stress, thermal gradients, geometric constraints and service stresses. The thermal expansion mismatch between the coating and the substrate created during coating deposition at elevated temperatures leads to high thermal residual stress. Moreover, the TiN coated tools are often used under very high concentrated stresses, e.g. drill bits and bearings. It is critical to develop a reliable quality control process to quantitatively inspect the cohesive and adhesive strength of the protective functional coatings.

Coating Inspection of TIN by Scratch Testing

Tribology Inspection of Titanium Nitride Coatings By Tribometer

Wear of the tools in service creates loss of dimensions and functionality of the tools. It has significant influence on the tool life, as well as the surface integrity and dimension accuracy of the finished products. The tribo-mechanical properties of the protective ceramic coatings can substantially enhance the service performance and lifespan of the machine tools. Reliable and accurate tribology inspection of such protective coatings becomes vital to ensure quality performance of the tools.

Inspection of Titanium Nitride Coatings By Tribometer

Roughness Mapping Inspection Using 3D Profilometry

Surface defects of products derive from materials processing and product manufacturing. In-line surface quality inspection ensures the tightest quality control of the end products. The Nanovea 3D Non-Contact Profilometers utilize chromatic confocal technology with unique capability to determine roughness mapping of a sample without contact. The line sensor enables scanning the 3D profile of a large surface at a high speed. The roughness threshold calculated real-time by the analysis software serves as a fast and reliable pass/fail tool.

Roughness Mapping Inspection Using 3D Profilometry

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