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The Release of the Jr25 True Portable Profilometer

Nov, 2010 (Irvine, CA) – The Nanovea Jr25, 3D Non Contact Portable Profilometer, is the first truly portable high performance Profilometer of its kind. With an optional battery pack and carrying case, the Jr25 provides measurement capability rarely available during field study. The Jr25 is designed to easily utilize leading edge optical pens using superior white light axial chromatism measurement. Nano through macro range can be obtained during measurement (Profile/Dimension, Roughness/Finish/Texture, Shape/Form/Topography, Flatness/Warpage, Volume Area, Step-Height/Depth/Thickness and others) on a wider range of geometries and materials than any other Profilometer and now with true portable capability. With a total weight less than 5.5 Kg, the operator can safely place the Jr25 onto the surface under inspection. The Jr25 has the ability to measure an area up to 25mm x 25mm, and depending on the optical pen a depth up to 27mm and resolution down to 5nm. Focusing of the surface is achieved manually with a smooth touch micrometer and 30 mm travel range. Surfaces of almost any type can be measured regardless of how reflective/no reflective, transparent/opaque, or specular/diffusive the material is. With a fully rotational, single axis, head the Jr25 has the ability to measure surfaces at difficult angles. Along with quick and ease of use, the Jr25 has been designed specifically for production environments where samples cannot be moved and open field studies. “The door has now been opened for our 3D Non Contact technique to reach environments untouched by this type of measurement ability; from the moon to the desert and everything in between. The field has truly become the lab with this type of measurement resource at your side.” – Craig Leising | Product Manager