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The Worlds First Dual Load Controlled Tribometer

Irvine CA, February 28, 2018 – The Nanovea T2000 is the worlds first dual load controlled Tribometer providing vertical force oscillation at frequencies up to 150Hz. It combines advanced pneumatic technology with a state of the art linear electromagnetic stage to provide controlled loading from 1mN to 2000N during rotative and linear testing. Pneumatic is used from 5 to 2000N offering multiple advantages compared with age old spring/motor technologies used on other systems. With spring/motor technologies, the load sensor is typically placed behind the spring. This means that it is not measuring the actual variation of load applied on the surface during the test. The T2000 measures the load by a direct connection between the ball holder and the actual load cell. This ensures that the load measured is actually the load applied on the surface. The linear electromagnetic loading system of the T2000 can apply a vertical force of 0.2 to 20N at frequencies up to 150Hz. As an example, the normal load can be increased from 0 to100N with the pneumatic technology and then the linear motor can vary the load from 90 to 110N and up to 150 times per second. This gives the unique capability of superposing a control fatigue or vibration level to the main constant force applied by the pneumatic system. This electromagnetic linear stage can also apply directly very low loads from 1mN to 5N to complete the full range.

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