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Tooth Hardness Evaluation Using Nanoindentation

In this application, the Nanovea Mechanical Tester, in Nanoindentation mode, is used to study the hardness and elastic modulus of the dentin, decay and pulp of a tooth. The most critical aspect with Nanoidentation testing is securing the sample, here we took a sliced tooth and epoxy mounted leaving all three area of interest exposed for testing.

Tooth Hardness Evaluation Using Nanoindentation

Here are examples of materials we tested this month:


• Nanoindentation DMA of soft polymer
• Cermaic fracture toughness using Nanoindentation
• Nanoscratch of micro features
• Microindentation 3 Point Bend Test on pasta
• Microscratch of spray coatings

3D Non-Contact Profilometry:

• Finish of micro parts
• Texture of composite fabrics
• Roughness of various seals
• Topography of gel surfaces
• Dimensions of micro parts


• 24 hour Wear of various PVD coatings

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