Ring-On-Ring Module

Ring on Ring Test is also called a Thrust Washer Test.

How does it work?

This is when a ring or washer is pressed against another ring or at
surface for full contact friction and wear testing.

Extreme Versatility


• ASTM D3702



Properties Analyzed

• Friction Coefficient

• Wear Rates

• Failure Points

• Lubrication Studies (custom)

• Friction vs Speed




• Depth

• Acoustic Emission



Rotating Lower Sample

• Ring of any materials type of (Outer Diameter (OD):
28.5mm, Inner Diameter (ID): 25.4mm.) Other materials possible but
same diameter

• Other geometry (custom)



Fixed Upper Sample

• Ring of any materials type of (OD: 31.6mm, ID: 15.8mm)

• Other geometry (custom)



Environmental Conditions

•1000°C Heating Oven

• Liquid Cup and Liquid Heating up to 150 °C

• Lubrication

• Humidity Control

• Cooling Chamber -40 °C

• Various Gases

• Vacuum (Custom)

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