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Mechanical Characterization of Organic & Non Organic Shell

In this application, the Nanovea Mechanical Tester, in Nanoindentation mode, is used to study the mechanical characterization of an organic and a non-organic egg shell. The most critical aspect with Nanoidentation testing is securing the sample, here we took pieces of each sample and epoxy mounted leaving the edges exposed for testing.

Mechanical Characterization of Organic & Non Organic Shell

Here are examples of materials we tested this month:


• Nanoindentation of xylan coating
• Nanoindentation composite
• Nanoindentation mapping of wood
• Nanofriction of catheter
• Nano Scratch of silicon
• Micro Scratch of silicon nitride coating

3D Non-Contact Profilometry:

• Topography of corroded steel
• Dimension of optical lens samples
• Roughness of polymer molds
• Roughness of polymer casing
• Depth of pitted aluminum
• Step height micro features


• Friction Testing of various lubricants
• Xylan coatings wear resistance
• Wear rate (high speed) of hard plastic