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Scratch Adhesion Testing of Disc Coatings

In this study, instrumented scratch testing is used to assess the failure modes of the top layers of CD and BD. This test allows users to quantitatively compare the scratch resistance of different protective coatings.

Scratch Adhesion Testing of Disc Coatings

Wear Evaluation by High Load Tribometer

The Macro Tribometer is designed with high torque capability for loads up to 500 N. In this study, we simulated and compared the wear behaviors of valve coatings under high loads to showcase the capacity of Nanovea Macro Tribom
eter in quantitatively evaluating the wear properties of materials such as wear rate and coefficient of friction.

Wear Evaluation by High Load Tribometer

Here are examples of materials we tested this month:

• Nanoindentation & Scratch of blank coins
• Nanoindentation of electroplated coating
Nanoindetation dma of epoxy adhesive coating

3D Non-Contact Profilometry:

• Roughness of tablet press punch
• Step height of titanium oxide films
• Dimensions of metal chamfered edge


• Wear testing of enriched teflon
• Wear testing of nylon composite

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