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New Multipen Turret From Micro Photonics Offers Nine Sensor Options in One Assembly

Irvine CA, July 7, 2006 – Micro Photonics Inc. today, introduced the new multi optical pen turret offering greater flexibility in chromatic confocal measurements. Incorporating the multi optical pen turret onto the Profilometer allows users to quickly and easily change optical pens without spending down time removing or adding new pen assemblies. Comprised of three unique magnifiers and three different chromatic lenses, the multi optical pen Turret offers up to nine optical sensor options in a single assembly. The turret easily integrates onto any new or existing Nanovea Profilometer 3D Optical Non-Contact Optical Profiler. Pen combinations are comprised from over thirty different sensor selections available from Micro Photonics. Choices include five magnifiers, ranging from 3.3 mm to 29 mm focal lengths, and six different chromatic lenses, 130 µm to 27 mm depth of fields. Pen combinations can achieve maximum axial resolution of 5 nm, accuracy to 20 nm and max slope to 87º for diffusive objects. This Nanovea Micromeasure option is available exclusively from Micro Photonics Inc. Micro Photonics has been a leading provider of materials technology instruments and laboratory testing since 1992. The company specializes in: Nano and Micro Mechanical Testing, X-Ray Micro Tomography, Ellipsometery, X-Ray Diffraction, 3D Non-Contact Profilometer, Thin Film Analysis, Biological Imaging Instruments and NSOM, SPM & AFM systems.