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Nanovea Profilometer Receives “Class 1”Cleanroom Approval

Irvine, CA, January 22, 2009 — Nanovea Inc. announced today the successful installation of their Profilometer within the Class 1 Cleanroom of a leading micro-electronics manufacturer. Class 1 Cleanroom clearance is known for its strict compliance and custom demand for all materials used in the development of the instrument. The advanced 3D non-contact profiling abilities of Nanovea’s Profilometers will now be an option for the strictest microelectronic cleanroom requirements. With the use of “clean” motorized linear stages and the proper selection of materials, Nanovea’s engineers custom designed a system that would be compatible with the strict class 1 standards. Class 1 Cleanrooms have a tightly controlled level of contamination and allows for very few particles of any kind. The material selection was crucial in the design of the X-Y stages so that few particles are emitted into the air during testing. The system was also designed with a high degree of flatness, accuracy and with a level of automation that allows the user to measure multiple areas and stitch them together. This will allow the user to create one large, planar surface in order to compare relative flatness with very little user interaction. The measureable area of the custom profiler can be as large as 30cm x 30cm with vertical resolution down to 2nm. A design is also available to scan large, heavy and even immoveable parts. This is only a glimpse at the projects Nanovea’s engineers have customized. They have also provided a custom built high-speed Profilometer with speeds over 30,000 points/second and machine vision with image recognition to improve efficiency. Additionally, Profilometer have been built with custom scanning capabilities to acquire surface measurements from both the top and bottom surfaces while measuring the thickness of the material, all with nanometer resolution. “The addition of the cleanroom design will allow Nanovea to work closer with strict environments, and once again shows our dedication to ingenuity.” Said Craig Leising, Product Manager Nanovea, Inc.