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Concrete Roughness Using Portable 3D Profilometry

Measurement of nonconventional samples is difficult mainly due to problems mounting the sample onto a stage. For Nanovea’s JR25, the sample does not need to be mounted; it just has to remain unmoving. This means large objects such as walls, cars, or machines can be easily scanned. Its compact size makes it portable as well as diverse. It can tilt its pen sensor at an angle which makes it ideal in measuring samples that are not flat and have difficulties exposing its area of interest to a scanning probe. Since the 3D Non-Contact Profilometer uses axial chromatism technology, it can also measure any surface with minimal sample preparation. Nano to macro heights can be measured with zero influence from sample reflectivity, transparency, and curvature. The flexibility and portability of Nanovea JR25 3D Non-Contact Profilometer makes measuring a larger range of samples simpler than compared to conventional profilometers.

Concrete Roughness Using Portable 3D Profilometry

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  1. Anja Hautau | Reply

    This tool could be interesting to be implemented in frame of failure analysis and research and development Tasks in our material processes labs. Can you provide me the technical specification and overview of the mean price of the Portable 3D Profilometry?

    Best regards
    Anja Hautau


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