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Profilometer Brakes New Ground Break New Ground

Irvine CA, December 02, 2008 — Nanovea announced today that it’s non contact profiler line-up will now include a system with measurement speeds over 180 times faster. With this new advancement Nanovea’s Profilometerwill now have the capability to reach speeds suitable for more time constraint production and quality control environments. This new advancement in Profilometer Technology is a breakthrough for use within these particular environments. Prior to this new advancement this profiling technique had required a point-by-point measurement, which acquired single data points while the sample being measured moved back-and-forth under the optics to create 3D mapping. With this new technology there will be line of 180 measureable points that will be acquired simultaneously, which will significantly decrease the time to create a 3D mapping of the surface. “I’m excited about this new capability; this will give us the ability to work with new markets that require high throughputs.” Said Craig Leising, Product Manager, Nanovea. The new Profilometer System uses 1 x 180 array of measurement points and can scan up to 1800 lines per second to create and overall scan rate of up to 324,000 points per second. The system will be capable of measuring large areas in seconds with high resolution and can be equipped with image recognition software for high speed inspection. Options will also include a scanning mirror to create a field scanning function that will measure 180 points by 230 lines. Custom inline system will also be available.