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Micro Photonics Unveils Dual Scanning Profilometer and Scanning Instrument

Irvine CA, January 25, 2005 – Micro Photonics Inc. announced today the latest addition to their line of surface materials testing instruments. The Dual Scanning Profilometer the first of its kind, providing simultaneous thickness and dual profilometry scanning. Secured on a platform between the two pens, the sample stage moves in an x-y direction allowing the two probes to determine a synchronized surface profile. The system software computes the known distance between the pens, with the wavelength of the incident white light reflected from the sample surface, to determine the thickness of the sample at any given point. Utilizing the principle of Chromatic Aberration, two pens pass white light through the objective lens and reflect that light off the sample surface. The lens then collects the wavelength of incident white light and refocuses it in a variable distance from the lens. This exclusive technology is available from Micro Photonics Inc. Micro Photonics has been a leading supplier for materials technology instruments and laboratory testing for over twelve years. The company specializes in: Nano and Micro Mechanical Testing, X-Ray Micro Tomography, Ellipsometery, X-Ray Diffraction, 3D Non-Contact Profilometer, Thin Film Analysis, Biological Imaging Instruments and NSOM, SPM & AFM systems.