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High Temperature Arc Reciprocating Wear

ASTM G133 3 is a widely used standard setup for testing the reciprocating sliding wear behaviors of materials. Due to the back and forth movement of the sample involved during the arc reciprocating wear testing, it is challenging to design an oven that fully enclose the sample and reaches a high and homogenous temperature. Our previous study has shown that the material tested using reciprocating and rotational setups can exhibit significantly different wear behaviors. Therefore, in order to study the reciprocating wear behaviors of materials at elevated temperatures, we developed the arc wear test setup. It rotates the sample stage for pin-on-disc test and continuously oscillates it clockwise and counterclockwise, creating a arc reciprocating sliding motion for the sample. The contact of the wear process can be totally enclosed in a large oven which ensures uniform and stable temperature up to 950oC surrounding the sample and the counter material.

Arc Reciprocating Wear at High Temperature Using Tribometer