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The Profilometers are designed with leading edge Chromatic Confocal optical profilometry (axial chromatism) both ISO and ASTM compliant. The technique measures a physical wavelength directly related to a specific height without using any complex algorithms. This ensures accurate results for all surface conditions. There is no influence from sample’s reflectivity, no need for frequent calibrations and no effects due to changes in measurement parameters. Utilizing a raster scan, the Profilometer can measure in 2D and 3D, allowing a flexible measurement solution for all applications. The platforms can be integrated with a video microscope which extends the profilometers capabilities into the realm of surface microscopy. In addition, AFM integration is available to quickly extend the range into the sub-nanometer for applications that also require nanometer range lateral resolution, not attainable by any optical technique. The Profilometers durability and low cost of use are ideal for quality control environments. Several automation options are available including: programmable recipes, pattern recognition, machine vision, automatic pass/fail results and database communication. Many standard Profilometer models are available including a first fully portable Profilometer, the Jr-25. Profilometers can also be custom built with various platform sizes, motorization configuration (rotational, high speed and Class 1 Clean Room). For technical specification please use Brochure Download


Nano through Macro Range


P3 | Fully Automated Roughness Measurement

P3 | Automated Surface Roughness Measurement

The P3 is designed to seemingly measure any surfaces using the Chromatic Confocal technique with all of its advantages. With only a few touch of the screen, an operator can obtain automatically and reproducibly roughness (ISO 25178) on any materials. The tool also provides surface height data that can be use for quality control. Input function includes: Area, Sample Size and Reflectivity. Output function includes: Roughness and False Color Height Map. Learn more

• Fast Roughness (ISO 25178) • Fully Automated Touchscreen • Compact Design • Quality Control Tool

Jr25 Portable Profilometer

Jr25 Profilometer | Portability

The Jr25 is the first truly portable high performance Profilometer of its kind. With an optional battery pack and carrying case, the Jr25 provides measurement capability during field studies. The Jr25 is designed to utilize the superior Chromatic Confocal technique with complete portability. With a total weight less than 5.5 Kg, the operator can safely place the Jr25 onto the surface under inspection. The Jr25 has the ability to measure an area up to 25mm x 25mm and focusing on the surface is easy with an adjustment range of 30mm. With a fully rotational scanning head, the Jr25 has the ability to measure surfaces at difficult angles. Along with quick and ease of use, the Jr25 has been designed specifically for production environments where samples cannot be moved or in open field studies. The scanning head of the Jr25 can also be integrated onto automated robotic arms and other equipments.

• Weight less than 5.5kg • Small Footprint • True 2D & 3D Portability

PS50 Profilometer

PS50 Profilometer | Affordability

With a small footprint (30 x 25 x 27cm), the PS50 is the most compact benchtop Profilometer that Nanovea offers. The high-performance PS50, with 50mm X-Y stages, is the ideal choice to replace stylus and laser profilers. The PS50 has the option of running by laptop which makes for an easy moving and installation where space is critical. Comes standard with 150mm x 150mm sample stage to accommodate multiple and or larger samples. Quality Control options with macros for automatic testing and analysis recipes.

• Compact Benchtop • 50mm x 50mm XY • Ideal Upgrade From Stylus and Laser Technologies

ST400 Profilometer

ST400 Profilometer | Standard

With 150mm X-Y stages and an adjustable height clearance of up to 200mm, the ST400 is ideal for a wide range of samples with varied geometries. With the optical video zoom or optical microscope, high magnification microscopy work can be done in combination with measuring roughness and other properties at precisely selected locations. An AFM integration expands the 3D capabilities into the sub nanometer range including laterally which is not attainable with any optical technique. The advanced software makes it easy to select zones on the video to be scan automatically by Profilometer or by the AFM. Quality control options are available to automate various aspects of testing including image pattern recognition, database communications, macros for automatic testing and analysis recipes. Chromatic Confocal line sensors are also available on this system to allow speed of up to 200 times faster than the single point sensor. Custom ST400’s are available for more open configurations that allow for larger X-Y stages, 360° rotational stages many other custom configurations.

• Spacious & Open Platform • AFM & Microscopy Integration • High Sample Clearance • Powerful For Quality Control • Customizable Options

HS1000 Profilometer

HS1000 Profilometer | High Speed Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection at high speeds up to 1m/s and data acquisition up to 31KHz provides crucial inspection for quality control applications where speed is critical. The HS1000 with its granite base provides superior stability at high speeds and comes with an enclosure and workstation to create a fully contained stand-alone instrument. The HS1000 equipped with a Chormatic Confocal line sensor can inspect at speed of up to 200 times faster. Optimized versions of the HS1000 Profilometer is available with various options including scan areas up to 1m x1m for Photovoltaic, Solar Cell, Microelectronics and Aspheric production environments. Learn more about Automated Optical Inspection

• High Speed • Advanced Automation • User Friendly Technology • Rigid and Stable Structure • Customizable Options