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Only Nanovea’s Nano and Micro module have all modes of testing including indentation, scratch and wear; no interchange of modules needed. In order to give accurate and repeatable data, the Nanovea modules are designed with high quality leading edge technologies. This ensures durability with low cost of use. With indentation testing, one obtains depth versus load curves giving hardness, elastic modulus, yield strength, loss and storage modulus and many others. With scratch testing, one can quantify the scratch and marring resistance of coatings and substrates in addition to measuring plastic and elastic deformations. With wear testing at constant load, one can precisely measure coefficient of friction and wear properties. The wide range is the ideal solution for determining the full range of mechanical properties of thin or thick, soft or hard coatings, films and substrates. The powerful software offers a unique combination of features for each test modes. Furthermore, the FastMap feature allows mapping of indentations at a rate of 3 seconds per indentation. With these features, the Mechanical Tester is now the most automated and user-friendly system on the market. Several optical imaging options including 3D non-contact profiler and AFM Module are available for high resolution 3D imaging of indentation, scratch and wear track in addition to other surface measurements such as roughness. For technical specification please use Brochure Download


Nano through Macro Range


M3 | Fully Automated Nanoindentation

M3 | Automated Nano or Micro Hardness and Elastic Modulus
A Breakthrough in technology with no need for visual measurement of indents, the M3 is the first automated ASTM E2546 Hardness and Elastic Modulus tester on the market. Easy to use for operators with touch screen and full automation, average and standard deviation for 5 measurements are automatically calculated in less than 5 minutes. M3 works on all types of elastic and plastic materials. Nano and Micro models are offered at a competitive price in the 20k range as to replace aging Micro Hardness Testers.

• Fast Hardness & Elastic Modulus (ASTM E2546) • Fully Automated with Touchscreen • Auto Calibration • Compact Design No Outside Cabling • Ideal for all Materials
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CB500 | Affordability
The CB500 allows a single module, either the nano, micro or macro, each with the full range of testing modes including hardness, scratch and wear. It is equipped with automated 50mm x 100mm X-Y stages, a 25mm Z stage and a video zoom microscope. It is the ideal solution for quality control and research applications with focus in one range of loads.

• Compact & Modern Design • Broad Application Use • Robust with Low Cost of Ownership • Highly Competitive Price


Platform Base

PB1000 | Standard
The PB1000 allows up to two modules on a single system providing the widest most accurate testing capabilities. Equipped with automated 150mm XY motorized tables and a 50mm Z motorized table. A gas-spring slide allows adjusting of the height clearance to up to a total of 140mm for varying sample sizes. An optional rotational stage is available for rotative wear testing. This base can also accommodate the heating oven and the cooling chamber for high and low temperature testing. In addition to the full video zoom, an AFM and an Optical Profiler are optional. The Platform is the ideal option for diverse and expanding measurement needs.

• Nano to Macro Range with no need to exchange • Spacious Platform with Adjustable Height Clearance • Fully Upgradeable • Robust and Low Cost of Ownership

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