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Chromatic confocal provides the best level of accuracy for the measurement of surface roughness, texture or finish above 100nm Ra. This is because the technique measures a direct physical wavelength linked to a specific height which ensures the accuracy of data. In addition to the technique working on any material, it allows the highest surface angles to be measured with no need of algorithms. Since testing parameters have no effect on results, the repeatable data is easily comparable from sample to sample and from one instrument to another.

• ISO 25178 • ISO 4287 • ISO 13565 • ASME B46.1 • Includes: GB/T, DIN, JIS, NF, BSI, UNI, UNE ISO equivalents

Standard Measurement Analysis:
• Roughness and surface parameters including: 3D and 2D mean roughness (Ra, Sa), root mean square roughness (Rq, Sq), maximum height (Rz, Sz), maximum pit height (Rv, Sv), skewness (Rsk, Ssk), kurtosis (Rku, Sku), and many more • 2D & 3D surface waviness • Peak count distribution • Grain counting, sorting, and other grain analysis • Texture alignment and analysis including: aspect ratio, direction, auto correlation, length, fourier transform, texture direction, texture isotropy, power spectrum, root mean square gradients and many more.

Advanced Measurement Analysis:
• Motifs analysis (significant hill or valley and locates highest peaks and lowest valleys): Tool to understand the functional role of the surface under study. Example: how a compressed fluid will behave when the surface is in contact with another • Spectral analysis: enables to determine the periodicity and orientation of certain patterns that exist in addition to roughness, by showing the frequencies found in the spectrum • Vectorisation of the micro-valleys and furrows • Fractal dimension: analysis to calculate complexity of a surface (a lower number is closer to a 2D plane than a 3D volume)

Specialized Measurement Analysis:
• Automotive: bearing ratio parameters including kernel roughness depth, reduced peak height and valley depth and upper and lower material ratio • Lead-tightness of crank shaft seals related to oil consumption Mercedes Benz engineering standard (MBN31007-7) • Depth of gain and finish amplitude of granular plastic materials (Renault D45-1856) • Cosmetic industry: wrinkle measurement

Software Features:
Easily defined line or area scansRecipes • Lateral resolution • Export raw data and images • Real time display • Automatic reporting • Multi-language support
• Mapping

Analysis Software Features:
• Filtering • Leveling • Thresholding • Zooming • Area selection and form removal tools • Subtract and compare functions and many others

Advanced Automation:
• Automatic focus (optical and microscope), automatic analysis template • Multi sample handling macros • Easy selection of area under the microscope for profiling or AFM testing • Automatic dual frequency for surfaces with varying reflectivities
• Rotational staging • Pattern recognition • Database communications • Pass/Fail limits
• Line sensors for up to 200 times faster measurements

Sample(s) Holders and Environmental Conditions:
• Custom and standard sample holders • Heating stage

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