Nanovea began designing and manufacturing instruments after years of experience in providing solutions for profilometry, mechanical and tribology applications. Firmly aligned with its vision, Nanovea aims to simplify advanced measurement technology to stimulate materials engineering for the common good. Ease of use, advanced automation and the dedication to superior accuracy are the driving forces behind the design and manufacturing of its full range of Optical Profilometers, Mechanical Testers and Tribometers. Unlike other manufacturers, Nanovea also provides Laboratory & consulting services. Thus, clients are given access to years of experience in finding solutions to improve quality control and materials development. Nanovea offers many critically important tests including roughness measurement, nanoindentation, scratch and wear testing among many others. Nanovea’s instruments can be found internationally in distinguished educational and industrial organizations ranging from automotive to cosmetic, biotechnology to medical devices to microelectronics and space applications. Thousands of clients rely on Nanovea for accurate solutions, technically superior instruments, experienced assistance and comprehensive laboratory services.

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Thermomechanical Analysis

Thermomechanical Analysis of Solder Using Nanoindentation

Solder joints are subjected to thermal and/or external stress when the temperature exceeds 0.6 Tm where Tm is the melting point of the material in Kelvin. The creep behavior of solders at elevated temperatures can directly influence the reliability of solder interconnections As a result, a reliable and quantitative thermomechanical analysis of the solder at different temperatures is in need. The Nano module of the Nanovea Mechanical Tester applies the load by a high-precision piezo and directly measures the evolution of force and displacement. The advanced heating oven provides a uniform temperature at the tip and sample surface, which ensures measuring accuracy and minimizes the influence of thermal drift.

Thermomechanical Analysis of Solder Using Nanoindentation


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