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Profilometer Instruments | Lab Services | Chromatic Confocal | Application Notes

The chromatic confocal technique provides the highest level of accuracy for volume and area measurement on the widest range of materials. This is because the technique measures a direct physical wavelength linked to a specific height which ensures accuracy of the data. Nearly any material surface can be measured, including textile and highly corroded surfaces, and the highest surface angles can be measured with no need of algorithms. Because testing parameters has no effect on results, the repeatable data is easy to compare from sample to sample and from one instrument to another. With pattern recognition and automation in addition to pass fail conditions and database communication, the instrument can be used as an advanced quality control tool.



  • ISO 25178
  • ISO 4287
  • ISO 13565
  • ISO 12085
  • ISO 12780
  • ISO 12181


Standard Measurement Analysis:

  • Volume of void
  • Volume of hill or valley
  • Peak or pit
  • Surface area
  • Maximum and minimum depths
  • Highest peak


Software Features:

  • Easily defined line or area scans
  • Recipes
  • Lateral resolution
  • Export raw data and images
  • Real time display
  • Automatic reporting
  • Multi-language support
  • Mapping


Analysis Software Features:

  • Filtering
  • Leveling
  • Thresholding
  • Zooming
  • Area selection and form removal tools
  • Subtract and compare functions and many others


Advanced Automation:

  • Automatic focus (optical and microscope), automatic analysis template
  • Multi sample handling macros
  • Easy selection of area under the microscope for profiling or AFM testing
  • Automatic dual frequency for surfaces with varying reflectivities
  • Rotational staging
  • Pattern recognition
  • Database communications
  • Pass/Fail limits
  • Line sensors for up to 200 times faster measurements


Sample(s) Holders and Environmental Conditions:

  • Custom and standard sample holders
  • Heating stage


Additional Surface Measurements:

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