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Temperature Tribology Process:
Temperature plays a critical role on the extent of wear damage to materials. the Nanovea Tribometer conducts wear experiments at elevated temperatures up to 1200°C for the rotative test and up to 450°C for the linear test. The contact of the wear process is totally enclosed in a large oven which ensures uniform and stable temperature surrounding the sample and the counter material during the wear test. The thermal couple is either set up to be very close to the point of contact or directly touching the back on the ball inside the ball holder to achieve the best accuracy of the temperature reading. The removable oven allows users to perform other types of testing by adding supplementary modules. The unique heat sink design on the main shaft of the rotative motor makes air supply sufficient for cooling electronics in the bottom enclosure during the wear test at 1200°C. The load cell is self calibrated for high temperatures to ensure accurate data. A cooling Unit and chamber allows test down to -40°C allowing the complete range of conditions for applications such as tire rubber or other parts either subjected to colder temperatures.



• ASTM G99

• ASTM G133


Properties Analyzed During Temperature Wear:

• Wear Rates

• Friction Coefficient

• Temperature Wear Behavior


Software Controls During Temperature Wear:

• Wear & Friction at Different Temperatures

• Variable Speed Control during Test and many others


Environment Controls During Temperature Wear:

• Different Atmosphere ( Air, N2, Inert Gas etc.)

• Various Temperature


Tips: (Diamond, WC, Al2O3 and many other materials):

• 3, 6, 10 and 25mm ball

• Custom ball sizes

• Custom Pins

• Flat Plate

• Custom geometries


Sample(s) Holders:

• Standard Clamp

• Clip Mounting on Base Plate

• Other Sample Holders available for varied geometries


Additional Tribology Testing: