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Liquid Tribology

Corrosion Tribology Process:
Tribocorrosion is a surface degradation process resulting from simultaneous tribological and electrochemical actions in a corrosive environment. Tribocorrosion test conducts wear and corrosion experiments simultaneously using a sliding ball-on-plate configuration, where the contact of the wear process is totally immersed in the test electrolyte. The tribocorrosion module is a three-terminal electrochemical cell installed on the sample stage, with the sample, a platinum wire and a Ag/AgCl, NaCl (sat’d) electrode acting as working, counter and reference electrodes, respectively. The open circuit potential (OCP) is measured in situ to monitor the evolution of the tribocorrosion process. The reduction of OCP works as an indicator for the failure of the protective films. The change of coefficient of friction (COF) also provides insight in different stages of the wear development. The wear tests can also be carried out under anodic or cathodic polarization conditions to either accelerate or inhibit the corrosion process, in order to investigate the effect of corrosion reactions on the tribocorrosion rate.



• ASTM G133


Properties Analyzed During Tribocorrosion:

• Wear Rates

• Friction Coefficient

• Corrosion Resistance

• Tribocorrosion Behavior


Software Controls During Tribocorrosion:

• Wear at Open Circuit Potential

• Wear at Anodic/Cathodic Potential

• Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis

• Potentiodynamic Polarization

• Variable Speed Control during Test and many others


Environment Controls During Tribocorrosion:

• Various Solution to Simulate Realistic Applications

• Accelerated/Decelerated Corrosion Rate


Tips: (Steel and other conductive materials):

• 3, 6, 10 and 25mm ball

• Custom ball sizes

• Custom Pins

• Flat Plate

• Custom geometries


Sample(s) Holders:

• Standard Clamp

• Clip Mounting on the Tribocorrosion Cell

• Other Sample Holders Available for Varied Geometries


Additional Tribology Testing: