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Nano Wear Process:
During Nano Wear a pin or a ball is loaded onto a test sample with a stable weight with feedback control. Depth change is recorded precisely during the test using a precision capacitor. Wear rate is calculated with this information. Wear rates for the pin and the disk can also be calculated from the volume of material measured with an attached AFM or Optical Profilometer. Linear mode with friction measurement is possible with the standard x-y motorized table while rotative tests require the rotation table upgrade. The nano module can also be used to measure friction coefficient at very low load.

• ASTM G 133

Properties Analyzed During Nano Wear:
Wear Rates • Friction Coefficient

Nano Wear Software Features:
• Recipes • Export Raw Data and Images • Real Time Display • Automatic Reporting • Multi-Language Support

Advanced Nano Wear Automation:

• Broadview Map Selection Tool: Advanced Mapping on stitched image
• Automated multi-sample testing (handles height variance of up to 50mm)
• Navigation Plus: User Friendly surface navigation imaging
• Quick Approach, Auto Surface Detection and Auto Analysis
• Direct Easy Calibration Tools for Load & Depth
• Savable recipes of all macros programmed

Indenters: (Diamond, WC and many other materials)
• Conical-Spherical • Vickers • Knife • 1 to 6mm balls

Environmental Conditions & Sample(s) Holders:
• 275°C & 450 °C  Oven • 100°C down to -10°C Cooling Chamber • Humidity Chamber • Liquid Cups • Custom Sample & Indenter Holders

Additional Nano Module Testing:
Nanoindentation | NanoHardness Testing
Nano Scratch | Adhesion Testing