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Nano Scratch Testing

Nano Scratch Process:
During Nano Scratch Testing, a conical spherical tip, diamond or WC, is drawn across the coated surface with an increasing load, resulting in various types of failure at specific critical loads. Nano Scratch Adhesion Testing identifies critical loads optically using a built-in video microscope. These critical loads are used to quantify the adhesive and cohesive properties of different film/substrate combinations. In addition, failure points can be determined using frictional force and depth measurements.

• ASTM D7187 • ASTM C1624 • ASTM D7027 • ASTM G171 • ISO 20502 • ISO 1518 • DIN EN 1071 • DVM-0058-PA

Properties Analyzed During Nano Scratch:
• Cohesive & Adhesive failure • Adhesion Strength • Marring (Resistance) and Crack/Fracture initiation • Plastic & Elastic Deformation depth and others

Software Features:
• Recipes • Export Raw Data and Images • Real Time Display • Automatic Reporting • Multi-Language Support • Failure Comparison • Mapping

Advanced Nano Scratch Automation:
• Broadview Map Selection Tool (Patent Pending) Advanced Mapping on stitched image
• Automated multi-sample testing (handles height variance of up to 50mm)
• Navigation Plus (Patent Pending):  User Friendly surface navigation imaging
• Quick Approach, Auto Surface Detection and Auto Analysis
• Direct Easy Calibration Tools for Load & Depth
• Single Indent Area Function (Patent Pending): Quantifiable quality check for indenter
• Wizard (Patent Pending): Automatic Test Parameter generator (coming soon)
• Savable recipes of all macros programmed

Indenters: (Diamond, WC and many other materials)
• Vickers • Cube Corner • Conical-Spherical • Knife

Sample(s) Holders and Environmental Conditions:
• 150°C Sample Heating • Custom Liquid Cups • Custom Sample & Indenter Holders

Additional Nano Module Testing:
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Nano Wear | Friction Testing


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