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    In-Situ 3D Profile of Wear Track


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2D or 3D Optical Profiler | Microscope
A full non-contact optical profiler can be integrated on the Tribometer platform to precisely measure the wear track.   In 2D, rapid scans allow for accurate calculation of wear rates from as many 2D profiles as requested distributed across the full wear track. During a single test, it is possible to stop temporarily the test at different time to obtain the wear rate versus wear time.  In 3D, the full volume of the wear track can be obtained for the most accurate wear rate calculation. This 3D image also allows more in depth study of the wear process. The profiler, which has extended capability, can also be used for roughness, dimensions and many other surface topography studies. For more information on the advantage of the technique use, please consult documents from our 3D Non-Contact Profilomer line. Additionally, a flexible mobile zoom imaging capture can be moved by hand to conveniently allow zoom-in microscope capability while recording for play back review. This feature is especially useful for later review of surface wear. Zoom from 5x to 200x is available.