M3 | Fully Automated Nanoindentation

M3 | Automated Nano or Microindentation

The M3 is a breakthrough automated instrument indentation quality control tool that aims at two distinct aspects missing in the hardness testing market.  First, universities and smaller R&D labs have access to an  affordable nanoindentation capability under ASTM standard (ASTM E2546). Second, it offers the next generation technology to replace traditional Visual Micro Vickers Hardness Testers. To achieve this, the indentation method has been made fully automated with no need to visually observe the indent which eliminates user error or problems with image recognition software that may have issues with material color and texture. Also, this new technology can achieve lower load and will work on thin coatings and all ranges of materials including ceramics, polymers, metals and others. The fully automated system has a touch screen start that gives automatic average of multiple measurements in minutes. The unit is compact and fully contained with only one standard electrical cable to connect. Because of these advancements in technology and the very competitive price, the M3 line will be the replacement of choice for older Micro Vickers Tester currently used in industrial high throughput quality control environments.

• Affordable Instrumented Indentation (ASTM E2546) • Fully automated with touchscreen • Compact contained design • First of its kind



T# | Fully Automatedd Nano Wear Testing

T3 | Automated Nano through Micro Wear Testing

The T3, like the M3 was developed to provide quick, easy and affordable access to high end mechanical measurement capability. The T3 is an automatic nano through micro wear tester using linear reciprocating for wear rate study (ASTM G133). Until now, there has never been such a highly advanced option for wear rate study at an affordable price. The T3 uses the same head as the M3 providing precisely controlled load and depth during wear testing.

• Affordable Nano through Micro wear testing (ASTM G133) • Fully automated with touchscreen • Compact contained design • First of its kind


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