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Mechanical Properties of Catheter

Catheters that are widely used in the medical industry have very important roles and require precise characterization in order to make sure that they function appropriately. Due to their wide number of applications, catheters have varying levels of stiffness, frictional properties and composition. Since catheters are inserted inside the human body (and sometimes outside) precisely categorizing a catheter based on its properties is important. To make sure that a catheter is made correctly and suits the application it was created for professionals in the medical supplies manufacturing industry can benefit greatly by quantifying the mechanical properties of catheter tubes.

Mechanical Properties of Catheter


    1. Renz | Reply

      Thank you for your comment. Kinking of catheters involves a mix of parameters such as coefficient of friction, compression and hardness and elastic modulus.
      This in both air and body fluid environments. Our lab manager Jocelyn Esparza will get in contact with you if you would like to discuss this in more details.