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The Ultimate Profilometer

Profilometers designed with leading edge Chromatic Confocal technology for accurate results on all surfaces

ST500 Profilometer

Jr25 Profilometer

PS50 Profilometer

ST400 Profilometer

AFMPRO Profilometer

HS2000 Profilometer

In-line Profilometer


Nano through Macro Range

Roughness Texture FinishProfile DimensionalTopography Shape FormFlatness Warpage PlanarityVolume AreaStep-Height Depth Thickness


Learn more about Chromatic Confocal

Nanovea Profilometers are designed with leading edge Chromatic Confocal optical technology (axial chromatism) both ISO and ASTM compliant. The technique measures a physical wavelength directly related to a specific height without using any complex algorithms. This ensures accurate results for all surface conditions; unlike all other techniques. There is no influence on accuracy from sample’s reflectivity, no need for frequent calibrations and no effects due to changes in measurement parameters. Utilizing a raster scan, the Profilometer can measure in 2D and 3D at standard speeds with an Optical Pen or 200 times faster with a Line Sensor, allowing a flexible measurement solution for all applications. The platforms can be integrated with wide area video imaging which extends the Profilometers with user friendly automation. Several automation options are available including: programmable recipes, pattern recognition, machine vision, automatic pass/fail results and database communication. Many standard Profilometer models are available including a first fully portable Profilometer, the Jr-25. Profilometers can also be custom built with various platform sizes, motorization configuration (rotational, high speed, in-line and Class 1 Clean Room). The Profilometers durability and low cost of use are ideal for quality control environments. For technical specification please use download the brochure.