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Inline Roughness Inspection Using Chromatic Confocal Optics

Inline roughness inspection of surface defects derive from materials processing and product manufacturing. In-line surface quality inspection ensures the tightest quality control of the end products. The Nanovea 3D Non-Contact Profilometer utilize chromatic confocal technology with unique capability to determine the roughness of a sample without contact. Multiple profiler sensors can be installed to monitor the roughness and texture of different areas of the product at the same time. The roughness threshold calculated real-time by the analysis software serves as a fast and reliable pass/fail tool.

Watch Video or Read Report Inline Roughness Inspection Using Chromatic Confocal Optics

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  1. John Pechan | Reply

    Is this technology suitable for measuring the surface finish on precision ground round bar products? We process bars in lengths from 12 ft to 50 ft. Diameters range from 0.125″ to 12.000″. We currently use portable hand held stylus units. I am interested in learning more about your technology and possible integration with our manufacturing lines.


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