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Cold Temperature Module

To conduct wear experiments at cold temperatures down to -40C,
the contact area of the wear process is totally enclosed in a removable
enclosure in which cold dry air is introduced by positive pressure.

How does it work?

This ensures uniform and stable temperature surrounding the sample
and the counter material during the wear test.

The Cooling Unit and chamber are ideal for a wide range of applications such as tire rubber or other parts either subjected to colder temperatures.

A cryogenic adapter can be set up on the system for temperature as low as -150C for the linear and rotative modules.s self-calibrated for high temperatures to ensure accurate data.

See it in action

Check out our application notes where we give a sample of how you can use this module.

Low Temperature Tribology of rubber

Extreme Versatility


• Rotative

• Linear

• Scratch




Properties Analyzed

• Temperature Wear & Friction Data

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