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Category: Texture


Textile Texture Measurement Using 3D Profilometry

Understanding textile texture, consistency and patterns of the fabrics allows the best selection of processing and control measures. Traditional stylus-based profilometers determine the surface morphology of the coatings by sliding in contact across the measured surface, which may deform the soft fabric and induce inaccurate measurement. The Nanovea 3D Non-Contact Profilometer utilize chromatic confocal technology with unmatched capability to provide a comprehensive analysis of the surface feature of fabrics, making it an ideal tool for reliable product inspection and quality control.

Textile Texture Measurement Using 3D Profilometry

Drywall Texture & Pitting Using 3D Profilometry

Drywall texture and roughness is critical in the final products quality and appearance. A better understanding of the effect of surface texture and consistency on the moisture resistance of the coated drywall allows selecting the finest product and optimizing the painting technique to obtain the best result. Quantifiable, fast and reliable surface inspection of the coating surface is in need for quantitative evaluation of the surface quality. The Nanovea 3D Non-Contact Profilometers utilizes chromatic confocal technology with unique capability to precisely measure the sample surface. The line-sensor technique can finish scanning a large drywall surface in minutes.

Drywall Texture & Pitting Using 3D Profilometry

Texture Consistency Measurement Using 3D Profilometry

In this application the Nanovea ST400 Profilometer is used to measure the texture consistency of linoleum flooring. The intended surface texture here should be a repetitive structure with the same relative size. Measuring a small area should show how consistent this texture is beingĀ  produced.

Texture Measurement Consistency Using 3D Profilometry

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