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Category: Geometry & Shape


High Speed Characterization of an Oyster Shell

Large samples with complex geometries can prove difficult to work with due to sample preparation, size, sharp angles, and curvature. In this study an oyster shell will be scanned to demonstrate the Nanovea HS2000 Line Sensor’s capability to scan a large, biological sample with complex geometry. While a biological sample was used in this study, the same concepts can be applied to other samples.

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3D Surface Analysis of a Penny

Currency is highly valued in modern society as it can be traded for goods and services. Currency, in the form of coins and paper bills, have been circulating around the hands of many people. With constant transfer of physical currency, deformation of the surface occurs. Using Nanovea’s 3D Profilometer, the topography of coins minted in different years were scanned and differences in the surface were investigated.

3D Surface Analysis of a Penny

Automated Large Area Profilometry of PCB

Scaling up of manufacturing processes is necessary for industries to grow and keep up with constantly increasing demands. As manufacturing process scales up, the tools used in quality control also need to be scaled up. These tools must be fast to keep up with the production rate, while still maintaining high accuracy to meet product tolerance limits. Here, the Nanovea HS2000 Profilometer, with Line Sensor, showcases its value as a quality control instrument with its fast, automated, and high-resolution large area profilometry capabilities.

Video Clip or App Note: Automated Large Area Profilometry of PCB

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