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Category: Adhesive Failure


macro scratch adhesion

Macro Adhesion Failure of DLC

bits and bearings. Under such extreme conditions, sufficient cohesive and adhesive strength of the coating/substrate system becomes vital. In order to select the best metal substrate for the target application and to establish a consistent coating process for DLC, it is critical to develop a reliable technique to quantitatively assess cohesion and adhesion failure of different DLC coating systems.

Cohesive & Adhesive Strength of DLC Using Macro Scratch Testing

Gold Coating Adhesion Properties

Gold Coating Adhesion on Quartz Crystal Substrate

As an extremely accurate device, the Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) measures the mass change down to 0.1 nanogram. Any mass loss or delamination of the electrodes on the quartz plate will be detected by the quartz crystal and cause significant measurement errors. As a result, the intrinsic quality of the electrode gold coating and the interfacial integrity of the coating/substrate system play an essential role in performing accurate and repeatable mass measurement. The Micro scratch test is a widely used comparative measurement to evaluate the relative cohesion or adhesion properties of coatings based on comparison of the critical loads at which failures appear. It is a superior tool for reliable quality control of QCMs.

Gold Coating Adhesion on Quartz Crystal Substrate

Understanding Coating Failure Using Scratch Testing

The process of scratching is carried out in a controlled and monitored manner to observe adhesive or cohesive failures. In this study, different coatings were tested and compared using Nanovea Mechanical Tester to showcase the capacity of the instrument and investigate the behaviors of different coatings during the scratch testing.

Understanding Coating Failure Using Scratch Testing

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