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Abrasion Resistance Of Sandpaper Using Tribometer

Abrasion resistance and the effectiveness of sandpaper is often determined by their abrasion performance under different conditions. The grit size, i.e. the size of the abrasive particles embedded in the sandpaper, determines the wear rate and the scratch size of the material being sanded. Sandpapers of higher grit numbers possess smaller particles, leading to lower sanding speed and finer surface finish. Sandpapers of the same grit number made of different materials can behave differently under the dry or wet condition. Reliable tribological evaluation is needed to ensure that the manufactured sandpapers possess desired abrasion behavior under the application conditions. It allows users to quantitatively compare the wear behaviors of different types of sandpapers in a controlled and monitored manner and to select the best candidate for the target application.

Abrasion Resistance Of Sandpaper Using Tribometer


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