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Now the World’s Leading Micro Mechanical Testing

Irvine CA, January 31, 2018 – Now the world’s leading micro mechanical testing. Automatic, accurate and fast hardness and elastic modulus results obtained from depth versus load data are truly a giant leap compared to traditional hardness testers. This past century technology was based on visual inspection when accurate depth sensors were not available. Therefore, today there is absolutely no advantage with using outdated traditional hardness testers. The Nanovea CB500 with Micro Module is faster, easier, more accurate particularly at low loads and more repeatable. Testing can be performed on any material including very elastic material or on surfaces where identifying the indent is challenging. Not only providing hardness and elastic modulus but also a wide range of testing such as creep, stress-strain curves, yield strength, fatigue, fracture toughness, scratch and marring resistance, plastic/elastic deformation, wear rate and friction coefficient.

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