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The Tribometer provides highly accurate and repeatable wear friction testing using rotative and linear modes compliant to ISO and ASTM standards. Designed, at the core, with a high quality motor with a 20bit position encoder, the Tribometer provides access to an unmatched range of rotational speeds from 0.01 to 2000rpm. These speeds can be changed quickly in either a stepwise jump or at a continuous rate. This is specifically useful to obtain Stribeck curves or to study static coefficient behaviors. Data can be accurately recorded at specified interval of time or position (>0.006°). The motor has also an integrated self-tuning system which ensures that speeds remain calibrated through time. To match real environment conditions, the Tribometer comes standard with an acrylic enclosure and attached valves which brings inert and other gases to achieve a controlled environment. An optional humidifier and dehumidifier module allows precise control of the humidity levels. A large removable oven allows for high temperature rotative testing up to 900°C. Also, tests can either be done in full immersion for the study of wear and/or corrosion. A Lubrication system is also available for drop by drop or continuous spray of liquids. A heating probe is also available to provide controlled liquid heating up to 150°C. To precisely measure wear track volume in situ, a 3D or 2D  non-contact optical profiler module is used to quantify wear rate in a fast and convenient manner. This gives the unique capability to measure the variation of wear rate during the same test. A mobile imaging option allows recording of the sample surface before and after the test. Because Tribology tests are often of long durations, and require a durable and open testing area, a dedicated Tribometer is preferred to that of a so-called “universal” testing system.The robust high quality design allows Nanovea to offer the longest warranty in the industry. For technical specifications please see Brochure Download


Micro through Macro Range Rotative or Linear Wear Friction

Rotational Wear Track



T# | Fully Automatedd Nano Wear Testing

T3 | Automated Nano through Micro Wear Testing
The T3, like the M3 was developed to provide quick, easy and affordable access to high end mechanical measurement capability. The T3 is an automatic nano through micro wear tester using linear reciprocating for wear rate study (ASTM G133). Until now, there has never been such a highly advanced option for wear rate study in the $20k price range. The T3 utilizes the same head as the M3 providing precisely controled load and depth during wear testing. Input function includes: Load, Duration, Wear Length & Ball Tip Radius. Output function includes: Wear Rate & Depth vs. Time. Learn more

Low Price Nano through Micro wear testing (ASTM G133) Fully automated with touchscreen Compact contained design • First of its kind


Pin On Disk Tribometer

The compact Micro Tribometer is designed for loads from 100mN to 40N. A coated 20mm thick steel plate ensures stability and longevity of the system. A load cell directly attached in-line to the balancing arm offers high sensitivity and accuracy for applications with low level of friction. This load cell is compensated in temperature which ensures accuracy when the High Temperature oven is used. The tribocorrosion module is only available on this model.

• High Micro Accuracy • Longest Warranty in the Industry • Wide Range of Environmental Conditions • Durable and open platform

Macro Tribometer

The Macro Tribometer is designed with high torque capability for loads from 0.5N to 500N. A large coated 20mm steel plate ensures stability and longevity of the system. The system has been designed with a continuous stiff arm to ensure accuracy at these high loads. Friction is measured directly with a load cell directly in contact with the arm. This model offers high accuracy for applications with high loads and friction forces. On request, this higher load system can be customized to offer Ring on Disk Testing, Block on Ring Testing and others.

• Extreme Robust Design • Accurate High Load Friction Measurement • Wider Range of Testing Geometries