Fresnel Lens Dimension Measurement Using 3D Profilometry

A Fresnel lens is extensively employed in industry, such as automobile, lighthouses, solar energy and optical landing system for aircraft carriers. The inexpensive production of Fresnel lenses can be completed by molding or stamping them out of transparent plastic. The service quality of the Fresnel lenses mostly depends on the precision and surface quality of the concentric rings lenses. Unlike a touch probe technique, the Nanovea Profilometer performs 3D surface measurement of the sample without touching, avoiding the risk of making new scratches during the surface measurement. The chromatic confocal technique is ideal for precise scan of a complex shape, such as lenses of different geometry.

Fresnel Lens Dimension Measurement Using 3D Profilometry

Tribology Study of Dental Dog Treat Friction

Flavored dental treats have been demonstrated as an effective, comfortable and easy to use method for dog dental cleaning. The Flavorful and chewy dental treats make teeth and gums cleaning an enjoyable procedure. During the chewing mechanical actions, the dental treat creates friction against the surface of the teeth to remove tartar and bacteria films. A reliable tribology study is needed to quantitatively compare the effectiveness of dog dental treats of different surface texture and roughness, and to provide insight of the correlation of the surface roughness, texture and friction to facilitate the R&D and quality control of the dental treat production.

Tribology Study of Dental Dog Treat

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